Näringslivets EU-Byrå AB

Nybrogatan 34

114 39 Stockholm

Telefon 08-555 922 00

E-post: info@eu-byran.se

Näringslivets EU-Byrå


Are you searching for EU partners in Sweden?

Welcome to the EU Byrå of Sweden!


The EU-Byrå for Industry and Commerce is an independent company owned by Fredrik Wahlberg and Lars Wiezell, with an outstanding domestic and international business network. We specialize in business communication and networking within the institutional framework of the European Union.


The business concept of the Bureau is to assist companies and other organizations in maximizing the advantages of the Swedish EU membership. Specifically, we offer our clients the following services:


• EU Financing & Consulting

• European Business School

• Business Development

• Customized project financing analysis



What can we do for you?

• Funding by EU resources

• Funding through Swedish grants

• Provision of Swedish business contacts

• Contacts and negotiations with public authorities

• Organization of meetings with your future customers/partners

• Loans for expansion within Sweden or the European Union

• Representation of your interests in Sweden


Please feel free to contact our staff or send us an email!



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